Have A Large Project

With highly skilled team and our experienced partners, we will ensure to provide you with the high quality result on your large project from planning, surveying & logistics until complete construction, deliver and post job follow up. Please Call us for inquiry

What We Do

Equipment Supply

We supply wide range of equipment to both government and private sectors. From small office supplies, computer, printer to large laser machine, cnc machine etc…

We also supply special equipment and/or goody per customer request

Solar System One Stop Services

We provide OneStop service on Solar Rooftop solution from consulting, survey, design, government regulatory handling, installation, system test, project delivery and post job inspection.

We also supply all solar rooftop related equipment from panel, invertor to battery, etc.

Construction One Stop Services

We build from small house to large project. Our high experiences teams will assist you from budgeting proposal, design & planning, surveying & logistics until complete construction and deliver to you the quality building

Other Products & Services

We provide other products and services as customers requirements. Please Call us for inquiry